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L Type Roll Grinder. Suitable for Stabilizers

PROMA CNC Roll Grinders

Proma CNC roll grinders and cylindrical grinders are the leaders in the field.
Once the domain of the European manufacturers, Proma Grinders offer a much lower cost product while still producing machinery of equal quality.
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Standard Specification


S Type 

M Type

L Type

H Type

Working capacityMax. swing over tablemmØ400Ø600Ø850Ø1000Ø1300Ø1600Ø2000
Max. distance between c.c.M1.5M,2M,3M,4M3M,4M,5M,6M3M,4M5M,6M4M,5M,6M,7M,8M5M,6M,7M,8M,10M,12M6M,7M,8M,10M,12M
Max. weight of workpiecekg1,5004,0006,00015,00030,00040,000
Max. O.D. groundmmØ400Ø600Ø850Ø1000Ø1300Ø1600Ø2000
Rang of grinding dia.mmØ5~Ø400Ø15~Ø600Ø20~Ø850Ø20~Ø1000Ø80~Ø1300Ø180~Ø1600Ø250~Ø2000
Max. dia of crownmmBy program
Wheelhead & Carriage(X axis)Wheel size(O. D. × Width × Bore)mmØ500 × Ø152.4 × 50Ø910 × Ø304.8 × 75Ø910 × Ø304.8 × 80
Type of lubricating systemHydrostatic & dynamic system
Rotating speed of wheelR.P.M.300~1600300~1000
Max. cross feed ratemm/min1000mm/min2000mm/min3000mm/min
Cross feed per pulsemm/p0.001mm
Table(Z axis)Travel of table or head (Z axis)mmCenter Distance + 8″
Travel speed of tablemm/min25~3000mm/min25~6000mm/min
Type of lubricating systekmHydrostatic & dynamic system
SupportRoll neck diameter rangemm90~400(350~600 option)90~400(350~700 option)
Workhead&TailstockRotation speed of work headR.P.M.10~1008~806~606~503~30
Size of centerMT#5MT#6PT#100
Moving speed of tailstockmm/minManual2000
Stroke of quillmm50mm80mm200mm
Power ratingGrind wheel motorHP15HP20HP30HP50HP(40HP × 6P)75HP(60HP × 6P)
Work head motorHP5HP(3HP × 6P)7.5HP(5HP × 6P)10HP(7.5HP × 6P)40HP(30HP × 6P)50HP(40HP × 6P)50HP(40HP × 6P)
Table traverse motor(Z axis)HP12NM22NM30NM22NM30NM30NM
Tailstock move motorHP1HPX6P
Cross feed motor(X axis)HP8NM12NM
Lubricating systemHP2HP
Coolant systemL280Liter360Liter, 420Liter420Liter2000Liter × 2HP


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