Toshiba CNC Vertical Borer


Toshiba TSN-13S CNC

Rotating pallet 1250 mm x 1000 mm
Maximum  swing 1600 mm (63″)
Vertical travel of ram 1235 mm (48.6″)
New Fanuc 18i CNC control
Ex our store in Taiwan where it has been retrofitted.

Note: this machine has had very little use since new.

Low cost shipment to any major port in the world.

Toshiba TSN-13S CNC VTL specifications (2)


Toshiba TSN-13S CNC VTL specifications (2)

This Toshiba although originally fitted with a pallet change system, has not had the system retrofitted with the upgrade to the new Fanuc control system.

This is a heavy duty machine capable of taking 10,000 kgs on the table.


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