RAL series machines are now equipped with live spindle upgrades as the RAL-M models.

Feature upgrades include a standard optical scale to the turning table for closed circuit feedback. This standard upgrade greatly increases the cutting results on linear, corner, and pocket cutting applications.
In addition, user-side application was considered via the introduction of an angular tool holder that allows the Automatic Tool Changer to engage tool change.

The angular tool holders can all be housed in the servo motor driven, 16 slot tool magazine. Other accuracy upgrades such as laser tool measuring system, wireless parts centering system, and Heidenhain linear scales on X and Z axes are also available.

To assist in drilling and tapping jobs, a simple upgrade of live spindle motor is offered on all size ranges. We are also in the process of incorporating a gear box to the live spindle to satisfy the need of high torque cutting.

The power and accuracy upgrades on the RAL-M machines will boost productivity and parts turnover for various processes.

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Lathe Vertical RAL Series 1500 - 2900 mm Swing

Hydrostatic turning table act as the most effective bearing system for heavy duty turning jobs. This will allow remarkable increase of capacity for job shops and productions. Octagonal ram construction provides minimal clearance to bore small holes in workpiece. Exceptional straightness and thermal control property of the Octagonal ram design is also a proven value in applications all over the world. Capacity of live spindle is designed to complete heavy drilling, tapping, and milling operations in one setup f.
Turning operations require massive rigidity support from the structure and crossrail. Slant bed design of the crossrailprovides exactly the required rigidity to support and absorb all cutting stress from daily operations.
Line Up & Specifications

Table Diameter mm (in) 1250 (49.21) 1600 (63) 2000 (78.7)
X axis mm (in) -200~1700
Z axis mm(in) 900 (35.4) 1000 (39.3) 1000 (39.3)
W axis mm(in) 800 (31.5) 800 (31.5) 800 (31.5)
W axis 5 step mm(in) 200 x 5 (7.87 x 5) 200 x 5 (7.87 x 5) 200 x 5 (7.87 x 5)

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Full Specifications   2015 lymco RAL-16 quote




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