Lathe Turret Type Hollow Spindle 45″ Swing

Due to strong demand we have designed a new model based on the very successful PB heavy duty model series.
The machine shown here features one standard saddle and a saddle containing the heavy duty hydraulic Turret.

The machine has the very successful semi-auto threading and hydraulic copy system on both saddles, many spindle bores are available.
Any bore size is available that suits the PB model machine.
See the  options below for available spindle bore and machine size options.

Can be built to your specifications.

The Megabore Turret Type is based on our PB model and has a swing over bed of 45 inches.

Hollow spindles start at 7 inches to 16 inches.

TURRET SERIES Spindle bore MM INCH 1A 179- 7” 2A 205- 8” 3A 230- 9 4A 255-10” 5A 318-12″ 6A 360-14” 7A 420- 16”
Tower turret or compound tool post, opt 205m
Hydraulic turret (H6) CT470
Center height mm (in.) 590 (23.22)
Swing over bed mm (in.) 1,165 (45.86)
Swing over left cross slide mm (in.) 840 (33.07)
Distance between centers mm (in.) 3,000 (120), 4,000 (160), 5,000 (200), 6,000 (240)
Width (W/O Auxiliary guide) mm (in.) 715 (28.14)
Width (W Auxiliary guide) mm (in.) 800 (31.49)
Cross-slide travel (Left hand side) mm (in.) 800 (31.49)
Tower turret travel (Left hand side) mm (in.) Fixed
 Compound rest travel (Left hand side) mm (in.) 500 (19.68)
Cross-slide travel (Right hand side) mm (in.) 800 (31.49)
Hydraulic turret travel (Right hand side) mm (in.) Fixed
Longitudinal feed mm/rev (in/rev) 0.045-2.55 (0.0018-0.1)
Cross feed mm/rev (in/rev) 0.023-1.28 (0.0009-0.05)
Longitudinal rapid feed mm/min (in/min) 2,000 (78.74)
 Cross rapid feed mm/min (in/min) 1,270 (50)
 Metric thread mm/rev (kinds) 1-56 (60)
Inch thread TPI (kinds) 1/2-28 (60)
Module thread MOD (kinds) 0.25-14 (60)
Diametric pitch thread DP (kinds) 2-112 (60)
Pitch of leadscrew mm (TPI) 12 (2)
Main spindle motor KW (HP) 22 (30)–STD. ; 29 (40) / 37 (50)-OPT.
Coolant pump motor KW (HP) 0.1 (0.125)
  •  Single piece bed casting resting entirely on the floor for maximum rigidity
  •  Top slide is hardened and precision ground
  •  Headstock clutch and brake. (OPTION)
  •  Massive heavy duty headstock
  •  Natural and removable gaps
  •  6-Ways power feed/rapid feed


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