Lymco Vertical Turning Lathe DV Series

DV 4000
DV 4000

3000 mm (118″) swing to 4000 mm (157″) swing

Table Diameter mm (in) 3000 (118) 4000 (157)
X axis mm (in) 2300 (91) 2800 (110)
Z axis mm(in) 1200 /1500 (47/59) 1350 /1500 (53/59)
W axis mm(in) 1400 (55) 1700 (67)

Lathe Vertical DV Series CNC 3000 - 4000 mm Swing


Penta-grip system takes the pulling power of spindle to a whole new dimension. Enhances machining stability while increase the flexibility in tool selection Quad-Anchor positioning mechanism strengthens the stiffness and stability for heavy cutting operations Turning-Support system magnifies turning stability and machining life via advanced hydrostatic support mechanism.
Weight Balancing System on the cross beam counter- balances the machining force and promotes consistency. The result is a refined finishing surface of work piece. Stand Alone ATC design fully eliminates all dynamic instability and stress associated with ATC weight.
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