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Drill Pipe Loading and Handling Equipment

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Drill Pipe Loading and Handling Equipment

Drill Pipe Loading Equipment

Megabore Drill Pipe Loading handling systems are made especially for us to suit Megabore Lathes and other type machines.

Specification: 9.1 Meter Long x 675 mm width

Minimum Height: 835 mm
Maximum Height: 1385 mm
Maximum Loading Capacity: 9 Ton
Min pipe diameter 2 3/8”
Max pipe Dia 13 3/8”
Min and Max length of pipe 8ft to 32ft
Price from: US$39,000 Delivered to your port sea Port.

Type: Pipe Handling System (scissor lift jack type)

Country of Origin: Made especially for our UAE division.

Cost effective shipping to any major port in the world.

We can quote your requirements

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System Includes:
PIPE Rotating System – 2 NOs for Pipe Handling (Adjustable)
FEED Roller System – 2 Drive units and 2 Idle units.

Pipe feeding and lifting demonstration

Pipe lifting in close up video

Unloading pipe from the forklift to the equipment.

Load testing